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Are you trying to drink less alcohol but need some motivation? Or are you curious about sober life? The Not Drinking Today pod provides an invaluable resource to keep you motivated and on track today and beyond. Meg and Bella’s guests include neuroscientists, quit-lit authors, journalists, health experts, alcohol coaches and everyday people who have struggled with alcohol but have triumphed over it.  Our aim is to support and inspire you to reach your goals to drink less or none at all! Meg and Bella are This Naked Mind Certified Coaches (plus nutritionists and counsellors respectively) who live in Sydney and love their alcohol free life. (*PS – We used to be called She’s Sober Sydney! but we have re-named to Not Drinking Today. We are still the same old Meg & Bella as always. Promise x)

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An Alcohol-Free Irish Woman Thriving in France?! Meet Coach Susan Hodgson

Sick of pub “meetings”? Frustrated that networking involves anxiety around drinking? Janet Hadley’s Alcohol Safe Workplace Accreditation Program is the Answer!

Menopause, Alcohol, and Nutrition: Emma Bardwell’s Insights on Navigating This Complex Phase

With The Banyan’s Ruth Limkin: What does a day in one of Australia’s leading Addiction Recovery Programs Look Like?

Celebrating 10 Years of the Revolutionary Book Drink: The Intimate Relationship Between Women and Alcohol With Author Ann Dowsett Johnston

From Addiction to Endurance: Nikki Langman’s Journey to Authenticity and Sobriety

Meet Nikki Langman—international speaker, author, thought leader, and endurance runner. Nikki, once a career alcoholic, started her journey with addiction quite early, at the tender age of seven. She was introduced to the world of drinking, and it quickly spiraled into a manipulative and deceitful relationship with alcohol. Join us as she bares it all, […]

Alcohol, Breast Health and Transforming Australia’s Workplace Drinking Culture: Kath Elliott’s Story

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a cycle of binge drinking, weighed down by the shame and embarrassment that comes with it? We’ve been there, and so has Kath Elliott, the Alcohol Mindset Coach. In a candid conversation, Kath allows us to peek into her four-year journey of sobriety, highlighting some uncomfortable yet transformative […]

Neuroscientist, Professor Selena Bartlett on stress, alcohol, neuroplasticity and brain health

Professor Selena Bartlett, world-renowned neuroscientist, joins us today to share her powerful message about how to train our mindset using the principles of brain plasticity to mitigate stress without reaching for alcohol. Have you ever wondered why you handle stress differently to others? Or why you immediately reach for alcohol when you walk in the […]

Why Moderating is So Incredibly Hard to Achieve

In this episode, Meg & Bella address the pros and pitfalls of moderating alcohol. Everybody who drinks or has drunk has practiced it but not many succeed at it! We talk about alcohol moderation in the context of Dry July, this being the second day of it, when thousands of Australians dip their toe into […]

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