Changing this one thing – alcohol – will profoundly improve your life

Your reason for wanting to drink less alcohol is unique to you

You do not have to hit rockbottom to stop drinking. Everybody’s ‘line in the sand’ or ‘rockbottom’ is different. Your reason for wanting to drink less or quit alcohol is unique to you:

  • you’ve heard about the increased cancer risks associated with alcohol
  • you’ve noticed that you are starting to drink more (that one glass in the evening has turned into a bottle for example) and you are worried
  • you are curious about sober life and what benefits are waiting for you
  • moderation is not working or you have had a few blackouts and you are scared
  • your relationships with your partner, family or friends are starting to suffer
  • you’re noticing a few red flags: drinking alone, drinking in secret or drinking to self medicate, or
  • you’ve tried to take a break for 30-days but cannot get passed the first week.

All of these reasons are very good reasons to drink less or take a break from alcohol for a period. This is the best way of really exploring whether you are in control of alcohol or not.

Are you exhausted by trying and failing to drink less by yourself?

“I’ll only have two glasses..”, “I’ll only drink on weekends…” or “I’ll make sure I will never drink alone…”

Counting drinks, waiting until its time to have your next one or even looking at the bottle and negotiating with yourself whether you can sneak a cheeky glass without your partner noticing…. Not fun, right? If this is you, chances are you are a little exhausted by it all.

When you are negotiating with yourself about how much you are going to drink, you end up becoming fixated with your own drinking rules. You miss out on being present in the moment, laughing, socialising and engaging in the conversation around you. You also end up drinking more because that is what you are focussing on. It’s a heavy mental load for one person to carry alone, particularly if you have been caught in this cycle for a long time.

Trying (and failing) to moderate alcohol is really difficult. If you feel like you are losing the battle with the bottle more often than not then it sounds like it is time to take a break and reassess whether you have lost control. You are not to blame.  Alcohol is addictive and moderation is designed to fail.  Read more about Moderation in my E-Book resource.

One way of breaking out of this exhausting cycle is to team up with an expert who has been there and beat alcohol to walk the path with you and guide you through the process.

The benefits of engaging an alcohol coach with lived experience

Embarking on a journey to drink less alcohol or to overcome problematic drinking is a courageous step towards reclaiming control over your life and well-being. While this path may seem daunting, you are not alone in your struggle. Engaging an alcohol coach who has lived experience with problematic drinking can provide unique and invaluable benefits that go beyond conventional approaches.

Unique Empathy and Understanding

One of the most significant advantages of having an alcohol coach with lived experience is the deep empathy and understanding they bring to the table.

Reduced Stigma

Engaging with an alcohol coach who has faced similar struggles reduces the sense of isolation and shame that you might feel.

Real-World and Relatable Strategies

While conventional alcohol coaches and counsellors possess theoretical knowledge about recovery strategies, a coach with lived experience can provide you with real-world strategies that have worked for them.

Personalised Guidance

An alcohol coach who has battled problematic drinking understands that recovery is not a one-size-fits-all journey. Their guidance is personalised to your specific needs, triggers, and goals.

Inspiring Hope and Resilience

Witnessing someone who has triumphed over their own struggles with problematic drinking can serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration.

Let me support you

One of the most rewarding things that I have done in my life is to have quit alcohol. It was incredibly challenging at times. However it was and is worth it. Once I became alcohol-free opportunities opened and life just felt easier and happier. It is now my pleasure to guide others through this process.

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