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Burnout, Alcohol, Stress Management, Workplace Wellness

Why Me?

My first career as a litigation lawyer spanning 20 years at large law firms gave me a solid understanding of the reality and stresses involved in trying to find a healthy balance when working in the corporate world.

That experience, along with my related public speaking skills, subsequent counselling certification, extensive coach training and busy burnout and alcohol reduction practice make me uniquely qualified to present on these topics.

I have 20 years experiencing presenting to lawyers, firms and clients plus facilitating and coaching groups. Now my clients are lawyers, professionals and former professionals.

My Style

My presentation style is relatable, practical and motivating and I always infuse some humour and Q & A in my talks.

Corporate wellness can be informative and motivating. It certainly doesn’t have to be boring. The goal is for the audience to leave feeling empowered to make some small changes to improve their lives.


Presentation Testimonials

Your presentation style is terrific Isabella and your energy kept us all engaged.  The Q and A’s were well answered and we are so pleased to have your expertise and lived experiences shared with such authenticity and professionalism.

Congratulations and we will call on you again I am sure.

Thank you again for your time today presenting for our Staying Well in the Law series.

I loved watching your presentation, it was really engaging, and we’ve had some tremendous feedback already from the audience.

Isabella Ferguson is an excellent presenter – very warm and engaging. The topic has the potential to catch people off-guard, but Isabella’s manner invited participants to reflect on their alcohol use through a critical lens without being judgemental or preaching.

Isabella presented scientific information in a straightforward, easily digestible way, and made concrete suggestions about next steps. I think this presentation is useful and important for lawyers and any other busy, stressed and under-pressure professionals where similar risk factors are present.


Customised workshops and presentations to suit your needs.

Popular topics include:

  • Pre-empting Burnout
  • Grey Area Drinking
  • Beat Burnout & Booze Before it Beats You
  • Mindful Drinking in the Workplace

Tailored Talks to Suit You

I tailor my talks to your team’s needs and size.  I also can create a series of sessions over a period of time on a range of topics. On average I present for 45 to 60 minutes followed by a Q & A. I welcome all enquiries about my presentation program.


A Win for You & A Win for Your Team

Risky drinking and burnout by professionals is on the rise and it hits people hardest in mid-life right in the prime of their professional and personal life. Productivity is impacted. So are relationships, mental health and motivation. A wellness talk by someone like me who is a Counsellor & Coach that specialises in these topics is a win win:

  • Odds are there are several in the crowd who need to hear the facts about burnout and alcohol and know what their options are
  • It is a direct message to your team and clients that you are progressive, open-minded and you care about their health and wellness
  • “Drinking careers” often start at University but are exacerbated in the workplace
  • It serves you to clearly demonstrate that your firm or your team does not promote a drinking culture
  • It is incredibly important to catch signs of an alcohol “problem” early on
  • Clients know when a boozy culture is promoted internally and it is a “turn-off”
  • The tide is slowly turning in corporate Australia as the alcohol-free movement and alcohol-free options grow and chances are that many of the younger generation within your firm do not drink and will respect you for having their backs!


Many do reach out for support after I give these talks and I want to assure you that they can do so anonymously and confidentially.


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