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Burnout – Don’t Suffer in Silence

Burnout. Burnout doesn’t discriminate. Whether you’re in healthcare, education, a caregiver or the corporate world, burnout can impact anyone. It can often be a silent struggle. Many who are on the path to burnout or who are already there have personality types that lean towards honouring independence, not wanting to burden anyone, people pleasers, or […]

Labelling drinking or not drinking as “good” or “bad” can set yourself up for a stressful ride and perhaps failure

 Drinking is not good or bad. It just is. When trying not to drink or to drink less, it’s easy to fall into the trap of labelling not drinking “being good” and drinking occasions as “being bad.” However labelling drinking as “good” or “bad” can set yourself up for a stressful ride and perhaps failure. Here […]

Why Knowing Your Core Values is Key to Curating A Successful Life

It’s easy to lose sight of what’s truly important to us. In my latest podcast episode of De-Stress for Success, I discuss how our personal values have a profound impact on our journey towards a fulfilling life. We all stand at a crossroad in life at some point, questioning the essentials that shape our existence […]

Secret Drinking Red Flag Alert: Sneaking a Cheeky Pour to Drinking Home Alone

In our latest Not Drinking Today Podcast episode, we tackle the topic of hidden or secret drinking. It’s underground. It’s shameful. It’s dangerous and it is happening in households all around us. Many hiding their drinking look great on the outside (for a while, for years even) and many do not know why they are […]

Being Magnificent in Midlife With Emma Gilmore

On my latest episode of the De-Stress for Success Podcast, I talk to Emma Gilmour of Hope Rising Coaching about the stresses that we face in midlife and how to tap into our magnificence. Navigating midlife can often feel like a tumultuous journey, one where the burden of perfectionism and societal expectations weighs heavily on […]

Binge Drinking Like Your Teenage Self?

How can you re-anchor freedom and adventure with healthier behaviours? Meg and I had terrific downloads and emails responding to our Binge Drinking Podcast episode and I’ve being thinking about it a lot of late. A quick recap, binge drinking is defined as drinking more than 4 standard drinks in one session and  is characterised as drinking quickly with the […]

What is ‘secret drinking’ and why is it important to know?

Secret drinking… … can be as ‘small’ as: 👉 Sneaking an extra cheeky glass without your partner knowing 👉 Drinking a glass or 2 before a party and denying it 👉 Hiding your glass (in the pantry? Behind the toaster?) and it can turn into: 👉 Hiding a bottle (under the sink? in a drawer?) […]

Booze-Free Starter Kit!

Everybody’s starter kit is different, but this is the one that I recommend to clients seeking to drink less: 1. Read This Naked Mind (@thisnakedmind) by Annie Grace 2. Listen to Making Informed Choices: The Truth About Alcohol and Stress (Ep. 2 of De-Stress for Success Podcast) 3. Listen to Jolene Park (@jolene__park) on Nourishing […]

Christmas Special – Navigating Christmas Day with Less Angst Around Alcohol

Less than a week! You may be eyeing off the 2023 finishing line and thinking “I’ve got to cut back the booze!”.  For those of you who have been finalising endless deadlines and pushing through never-ending work events, this thought is more common than you think, and for good reason. Alcohol use can dramatically increase this […]

Finding Sleep in the Face of Stress: Expert Advice from Professor Michael Gradisar

Our day-to-day lives seem to be increasingly plagued by stress and sleep deprivation. Endless lists, spinning many plates…. I don’t know about you, but switching off in the evening is often hard and can require a strategic approach. In my recent De-Stress for Success podcast episode, Professor Michael Gradisar, an acclaimed sleep expert and clinical […]

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