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Dry July Motivation for Stressed Lawyers!

There are 101 reasons to support Dry July, but for stressed lawyers a compelling motivation is to feel calmer and less stressed. Restorative sleep, increased joy and greater mental clarity are others. Dry July is for everyone. You do not have to be “big drinker”.  You can simply be curious about the health gains that come […]

Sober Sex! Let’s talk about it…

Sober Sex* Let’s talk about it. Why?! Because it comes up a lot. Discreetly and tentatively at first but it presents as a major issue often when alcohol is removed from your life. Also, if drinking has been part of your whole sexual history then you may not even know if you enjoy sex at […]

What is your attachment style and why can it explain why you drink?

Did you know that your attachment style can explain why you drink the way you do? I used to roll my eyes when counsellors asked “that question”: “What is your relationship with your parents like?”. Now I cut right to the chase in my private practice and spend quite a bit of time here with […]

Alcohol Use: Red Flags

Red flags Alcohol temporarily masks feelings of anxiety, nerves and doubt but becomes problematic when you start using it to make you feel “normal” in stressful, traumatic and emotionally uncomfortable moments.  You’ll start believing that alcohol helps you feel better and when this happens the habit and belief is formed and this is reinforced over […]

Finding your voice to ditch the booze! 

Finding your voice to ditch the booze! I was incredibly lucky to be part of a group listening to the very wise Ann Dowsett Johnston, the author of the amazing book Drink, this morning and we discussed how finding and expressing your voice can be so helpful in recovery. Ann mentioned that she believes our […]

Kids & Socialising: My very very basic tips

Kids & Socialising My very very basic tips After school yesterday, my 13-year-old mentioned that at drama practice a few girls had asked for his mobile number.  He said he couldn’t remember it (which was true). He was a little thrilled, a little scared and a little frustrated as he just wanted to be friends […]

Kids & Alcohol – Good news: More kids are choosing not to drink

More Australian students between the age of 12 – 17 years old are choosing not to drink!* 1 in 3 students in this age bracket have never consumed alcohol.  This compares to 1 in 10 in 1999. This is terrific news indeed! Non-drinking is increasingly becoming an option that more students are feeling comfortable to […]

New Blog: Going Full Circle

Going Full Circle The core reasons why you drink will be the core things you need to work on to break free. Seems obvious right? Well, it is but it isn’t and it wasn’t for me until I was free from alcohol and reflecting on the whole nightmare of it all that was my early […]

Honouring your inner rebel!

Why taking a break from alcohol needs to be an autonomous decision based on self-compassion Taking a break from alcohol is so much easier if it is your own free choice to do so and it comes from a place of self-compassion not deprivation.  Here is why! We need autonomy (meet your inner rebel!) Rules […]

Female Lawyers and Alcohol

Many women now in their mid-late 40s and 50s who, after decades of drinking as part of university and legal culture, are now finding themselves unhealthy and unhappy. Alcohol plays a significant role in this. This is not an attack on law firms or in any way meant to be disparaging towards female lawyers. In fact, […]

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