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Not Drinking Today Podcast & De-Stress for Success

I have two podcasts! I co-host the successful 5-Start rated Not Drinking Today Podcast. If you want to feel less along, receive practical tips about drinking less and get to know me a bit more, then I recommend you take a listen. I host the up and coming De-Stress Podcast solo. This episode interviews authors, experts and coaches who specialise in all aspects of wellness, like stress, sugar, mindfulness, mind-set motivation, peak performance and breath work in the pursuit of CALM! Take a listen on your favourite podcast platform.

Are you trying to drink less alcohol but need some motivation? Or are you curious about sober life? The Not Drinking Today pod provides an invaluable resource to keep you motivated and on track today and beyond. Meg and Bella’s guests include neuroscientists, quit-lit authors, journalists, health experts, alcohol coaches and everyday people who have struggled with alcohol but have triumphed over it.  Our aim is to support and inspire you to reach your goals to drink less or none at all! Meg and Bella are This Naked Mind Certified Coaches (plus nutritionists and counsellors respectively) who live in Sydney and love their alcohol free life.

This podcast is about finding calm. I talk to the experts and bring you evidence-based practical methods to help you destress and live purposefully. In my early 40’s, I bowed out of a 20 year legal career “to spend more time with the kids”. However it was more than that. Decades of running on high anxiety and drinking to cope had had its toll on my nervous system and I was burnt out.  I didn’t know it at the time, but from there I started years of recovery and ultimately stepped into a new way of living. I went to rehab, retrained as a counsellor and coach, created a successful counselling practice, became a motivational & corporate wellness speaker, took up painting and now support others to destress for success.

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