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Christmas Special – Navigating Christmas Day with Less Angst Around Alcohol

Less than a week! You may be eyeing off the 2023 finishing line and thinking “I’ve got to cut back the booze!”.  For those of you who have been finalising endless deadlines and pushing through never-ending work events, this thought is more common than you think, and for good reason. Alcohol use can dramatically increase this […]

Finding Sleep in the Face of Stress: Expert Advice from Professor Michael Gradisar

Our day-to-day lives seem to be increasingly plagued by stress and sleep deprivation. Endless lists, spinning many plates…. I don’t know about you, but switching off in the evening is often hard and can require a strategic approach. In my recent De-Stress for Success podcast episode, Professor Michael Gradisar, an acclaimed sleep expert and clinical […]

What is Your “Meaning” or “Something Larger” in Life and Why is This Important to Know?

Imagine having a compass, a North Star, guiding you through life, providing a profound sense of contentment and satisfaction. In my most recent podcast episode, of De-Stress for Success, “What is Your Meaning or Something Larger in Life and Why is This Important to Know?” I delve into the intrinsic link between our life’s purpose and […]

Managing Difficult People: Practical Strategies with Dr. Rebecca Ray

My most recent episode of De-Stress for Success is all about difficult people. You know the ones! Those people in your life that press your buttons, make you feel like you are the problem, that leave you ruminating over what was said and wondering why you feel so awful. Who better to help us learn […]

A Call to Action: Combatting the Phone Addiction Crisis Among Adults and Children with Professor Selena Bartlett

In a recent De-Stress for Success podcast episode (episode 5), globally recognised neuroscientist, Professor Selena Bartlett, joined me for a profound conversation about our relationship with mobile technology. The topic is of great importance in this tech-saturated era, especially when considering the influence these devices have on our brain health, stress levels and interpersonal relationships. […]

Stress Less by Silencing Your Inner Critic: Tools for Positive Self-Talk

Do you struggle with a relentless inner critic that often dictates your actions and feelings? You are not alone. Many of us grapple with negative self-talk, often without realizing its profound impact on our lives. The good news is, we can harness the power of positive self-talk to rewrite our inner dialogue and transform our […]

The Power of Breathwork and Yoga Nidra in Restoring Balance: Practical Breathwork Strategies with Danni Carr

The hustle and bustle of everyday life often leave us gasping for breath, both metaphorically and literally. My latest De-Stress for Success podcast episode with Danni Carr, a trauma-informed sobriety coach and certified meditation and breathwork teacher, brings light to the transformative power of breathwork and yoga nidra as stress management techniques. These practices have […]

Making Informed Choices: The Truth About Alcohol and Stress

Alcohol is often seen as a stress reliever, a soothing elixir to wash away the pressures of the day. But how accurate is this belief? In my latest podcast episode of De-Stress For Success, we delve into the complex, and often paradoxical, relationship between alcohol and stress. We begin by exploring the physiological effects of […]

Embracing the Benefits of an Alcohol Coach with Lived Experience

Embarking on a journey to drink less alcohol or to overcome problematic drinking is a courageous step towards reclaiming control over your life and well-being. While this path may seem daunting, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone in your struggle. Engaging an alcohol coach who has lived experience with problematic drinking can provide […]

Why Moderating Alcohol is so Incredibly Hard to Achieve

In Australian culture, where alcohol is deeply ingrained in everything we do, the concept of moderation can seem deceptively simple. However, for many, moderating alcohol consumption is usually far more challenging than anticipated. This blog delves into the various reasons why achieving moderation can be difficult and offers insights into how to navigate these hurdles. […]

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