Why Knowing Your Core Values is Key to Curating A Successful Life

It’s easy to lose sight of what’s truly important to us. In my latest podcast episode of De-Stress for Success, I discuss how our personal values have a profound impact on our journey towards a fulfilling life.

We all stand at a crossroad in life at some point, questioning the essentials that shape our existence and future. In these moments, understanding and aligning with our core values can be the lighthouse guiding us through uncertainty. The earliest values we adopt often serve as benchmarks for our satisfaction, and it’s crucial to recognise that daily actions in sync with these values can significantly reduce stress and inject meaning into every facet of life.

My discussion centres on the tools necessary for living a life that’s harmonious with what matters most to us, ensuring that each day echoes our innermost beliefs and vision of success. This is not just about self-discovery but also about applying this newfound understanding to make decisions that resonate with our values, releasing us from undue stress and moving us towards purpose and meaning.

Values are often innate, tracing back to our childhood inclinations and the fundamental traits that define us. However, they can shift as we navigate through different life stages. What might have once been valued—money, status, possessions—can later be eclipsed by the pursuit of family time, work-life balance, health, or creativity.

Defining your values begins with reflection on your life’s proudest and most fulfilling moments. By analysing these experiences, we can discern the common threads that define what we hold dear. The exercise extends beyond mere identification; it requires us to deeply consider which values resonate with us, giving us a sense of purpose and pride.

Think of experiences have made you feel truly alive, empowered, full of excitement and like ‘everything feels just right’. What were you doing in these moments? Who were you with? What were you thinking? How did you do it? You may have several examples, but you only need 2 or more to undertake this exercise.

Some examples that I know of that have been sourced from conversations I have had with others include:

  • Travelling to Nepal,
  • Breaking up with my partner just before the wedding,
  • Volunteering for Lifeline,
  • Volunteering for a youth mentoring organisation,
  • Standing up for a friend, studying overseas,
  • Undertaking a painting course,
  • Studying for my Masters on Environmental Law
  • Giving up Alcohol

What are the common themes in the examples that you came up with? Resilience? Creativity? Justice? Empathy? Creativity? Honesty? Friendship? Collaboration.

From these pool of values, choose the 3 top values that you feel truly resonate with you, feel right and excite you. Would your closest friends agree? Would you feel like these vales could guide you through tough decisions.

As we continue on this podcast series, I’ll emphasise the importance of curating a life that aligns with our definition of success. Identifying our values is foundational to this process, serving as a blueprint for crafting a life that feels authentic and fulfilling. When we understand our values, they become a powerful tool in decision-making, helping us choose paths that lead to a less stressful, more rewarding existence.

I encourage you to engage with this episode actively, to reflect on your core values, and consider how these principles can guide you in daily life.

It’s a starting point for positive change, for making informed choices that align with who you are and who you aspire to be.

As we gear up for 2024, let this episode be your catalyst for embracing a value-driven life—one that answers the questions of passion, purpose, and personal success. Remember, understanding your values is just the beginning. The real transformation happens when you align your life with them, creating a harmonious and satisfying journey.

Join me as I uncover the role of values in defining success and how living true to these values can be the essence of a life well-lived. It’s time to bring your personal values to the forefront and set the course for a stress-free and meaningful path forward.

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