An Alcohol-Free Irish Woman Thriving in France?! Meet Coach Susan Hodgson

Sick of pub “meetings”? Frustrated that networking involves anxiety around drinking? Janet Hadley’s Alcohol Safe Workplace Accreditation Program is the Answer!

Menopause, Alcohol, and Nutrition: Emma Bardwell’s Insights on Navigating This Complex Phase

With The Banyan’s Ruth Limkin: What does a day in one of Australia’s leading Addiction Recovery Programs Look Like?

Celebrating 10 Years of the Revolutionary Book Drink: The Intimate Relationship Between Women and Alcohol With Author Ann Dowsett Johnston

From Addiction to Endurance: Nikki Langman’s Journey to Authenticity and Sobriety

Meet Nikki Langman—international speaker, author, thought leader, and endurance runner. Nikki, once a career alcoholic, started her journey with addiction quite early, at the tender age of seven. She was introduced to the world of drinking, and it quickly spiraled into a manipulative and deceitful relationship with alcohol. Join us as she bares it all, revealing the struggles of confronting the person in the mirror, and the bravery it took to get honest with herself. Nikki’s journey is a testament to self-improvement and authentic living.

But there’s more to Nikki than just sobriety. She’s a long-distance runner, a love she discovered as a method to regulate her high energy levels and find joy in extreme physical activities. Nikki redefines what it means to be a badass, embracing bravery, authenticity, a sense of direction, and self-love. She candidly discusses her support system and the positive changes she made to support her sobriety. Get ready to be moved by Nikki’s incredible journey from addiction to endurance running, from self-deceit to authenticity, and from surviving to thriving.

Alcohol, Breast Health and Transforming Australia’s Workplace Drinking Culture: Kath Elliott’s Story

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a cycle of binge drinking, weighed down by the shame and embarrassment that comes with it? We’ve been there, and so has Kath Elliott, the Alcohol Mindset Coach. In a candid conversation, Kath allows us to peek into her four-year journey of sobriety, highlighting some uncomfortable yet transformative moments. She takes us back to her teenage years when she was applauded for her drinking prowess and how a family vacation led her to make a life-altering decision.

Kath also brings our attention to the often overlooked connection between alcohol consumption and the increased risk of breast cancer. Even more alarming is how celebrities glamorising alcohol can influence many of us to dismiss the risks.

Finally, Kath and Bella discuss the benefits of engaging an alcohol coach with a lived experience of problematic drinking.  This episode isn’t just about the perils of alcohol but also about finding hope and liberation beyond it. So join us as we unravel the complex relationship between alcohol, breast health, and Australia’s workplace drinking culture.

Neuroscientist, Professor Selena Bartlett on stress, alcohol, neuroplasticity and brain health

Professor Selena Bartlett, world-renowned neuroscientist, joins us today to share her powerful message about how to train our mindset using the principles of brain plasticity to mitigate stress without reaching for alcohol. Have you ever wondered why you handle stress differently to others? Or why you immediately reach for alcohol when you walk in the door after a stressful day? Did you know your childhood experience is highly relevant to your stress response as an adult and the likelihood you will reach for alcohol to cope? Professor Bartlett answers these questions plus provides us with practical tips on how to create new healthier neural pathways or “pave a yellow brick road” that will impact future generations for the better. Guess what?! Listening to this podcast and learning the science behind your stress response and brain health equals one new paver down on your new amazing  yellow brick road.

Why Moderating is So Incredibly Hard to Achieve

In this episode, Meg & Bella address the pros and pitfalls of moderating alcohol. Everybody who drinks or has drunk has practiced it but not many succeed at it! We talk about alcohol moderation in the context of Dry July, this being the second day of it, when thousands of Australians dip their toe into the alcohol-free water and try their hand at giving up the booze for a full 31 days. Why this topic? Well, firstly, because most people who sign up for Dry July are having trouble moderating and curious about taking a break. Secondly, most who do Dry July plan to return to the booze but with great intentions to tighten up their moderation rules – at least at the start anyway! So why not use this month off alcohol to learn about your relationship with alcohol and make some changes that stick long term.  **IMPORTANT NOTE:  Dry July is a fundraising campaign, raising funds for people affected by cancer. To signup and donate, visit**