Episode 7, Drinking to relieve stress and boredom?

Meg & Bella examine whether drinking actually relieves stress and boredom? Of course it doesn’t! It exacerbates both.  We shine a light on how drinking makes you more stressed and anxious over time. We also look at how drinking shrinks your world and makes you more boring and bored.  Yet so many of us look to alcohol to escape these uncomfortable feelings. Reframing these beliefs is part of the work to finding freedom from alcohol (and striving towards a life full of healthier coping methods, passion, purpose and playfulness)!

Episode 6, Burnout – Mimmo’s Lived Experience

In this episode, Bella talks to Miranda, a close high-school friend, about Mim’s  experience with burnout and her recovery from it.  Bella and Mim chat about the bizarre moment they each discovered that their lives had “imploded” at the very same moment. Mim discusses how her brain quite literally went into “safe mode” and she could no longer do basic things like send a text, how she recovered slowly but surely over 2-years and how one day she woke up and thought “I’m back!”.  Finally Bella and Mim reflect on how these life-implosion-moments can lead to a more purposeful and resonant life on the others side.

Episode 5, Sober First Socialising!

Meg and Bella discuss three of their most memorable sober first socialising moments, including 30-year reunions, date nights, live bands and Christmas work parties, delving into the good, the bad and the excruciating, but most importantly they share the learning experiences they gained from these moments.  It’s a long-ish episode, but we encourage you to listen through to the end where Meg and Bella each reveal their top tools and tips to help others push through these sober first encounters.  You are not alone.