Booze-Free Starter Kit!

Everybody’s starter kit is different, but this is the one that I recommend to clients seeking to drink less:

1. Read This Naked Mind (@thisnakedmind) by Annie Grace

2. Listen to Making Informed Choices: The Truth About Alcohol and Stress (Ep. 2 of De-Stress for Success Podcast)

3. Listen to Jolene Park (@jolene__park) on Nourishing Your Nervous System and Neurotransmitters (Ep. 22 of Not Drinking Today Podcast)

4. Listen to Neuroscientist, Professor Selena Bartlett (@prof_selena_bartlett) on stress, alcohol, neuroplasticity and brain health (Ep. 34 of Not Drinking Today Podcast)

5. Listen to De-Stress with Breathwork and Yoga Nidra Meditation With Danni Carr (Ep. 3 of De-Stress for Success)

6. Download an app like @mindthe.sip

Huberman Lab’s 2-hour podcast on alcohol and its impact to our brain and bodies is also a great resource for those that want to take a deep dive into the topic.

Once you know the science around alcohol, what it does to us, why it gives us a dopamine boost for 30 minutes, following by hours, days, weeks of increased stress hormones, fatigue and the rest – you just cannot un-know this.

So if the desire to drink less has been present for a while and if it is on your New Year’s Resolution list, consider starting with this list here.

I would also highly recommend you back it up with a The Alcohol Revolution, my online self-guided 6-week alcohol-free program to change your mindset around alcohol to sustain long term changes.

Also, do not hesitate to reach out for additional one-on-one support.

It’s worth it!