Michelle McDonald is Sober, Connected and More Than Enough!

Today we are joined by Michelle McDonald, sobriety coach and burgeoning podcaster, about her transformation from a daily drinker to an alcohol-free woman. Michelle describes how she never really felt like she “was enough”. She consequently filled her life with a busy schedule of things to do, was loud, sociable and drank a lot to “complete” herself. She believes all this noise and “doing” including hitting the gym early and hard, was a trade-off to justify the drinking. Michelle’s drinking escalated to the point that she sometimes started the day with a drink of vodka on a bad day.  However she turned it around. Michelle found sobriety after completing a 90-day alcohol challenge and within a fortnight of doing so, she noticed life opportunities started opening up for her. She likens it to a domino effect whereby her life organically and naturally began falling into place. From there Michelle has gone from strength to strength. Gone is the noise that so often accompanies drinking. She now relishes sitting peacefully and calmly and describes her life now as full of clarity and purpose. She even feels younger (love this!). Look no further if you are after sober inspiration. So many women will relate to this story!